Being a leader there's a lot of pressure to perform in a certain way, sound a certain way. Just we have this unusual concept of the hero leader that doesn't show emotions, has all the answers somehow, on the white charger with a sword flashing in the sunlight. They have all this mythology around, these sort of heroic leadership, and it's just not true.

I think that the best thing that we can do is be truly who we're built to be. I think we're all given talents and abilities, personalities, and we were kind of unique.

Every one of us is totally unique, and the closer we can be to truly being authentically who we're created to be, the more effective we will be.

As soon as we put up our mask, as soon as we try and be somebody else, it kind of clouds who we genuinely are and stops us being truly authentic. I think truly effective authenticity and effectiveness are synonymous. If we are who we are, if we're operating in the gifts and talents that we have and the opportunities that have been given to us, then authentically being who we are make us the most effective. Those two things totally aligned.

It's about being your best self.

We all have foibles. We all have things we are not that good at. But knowing who we are genuinely aligning ourselves to our own strengths and talents, surrounding ourselves with people who have talents and abilities that are complimentary to us.

Understanding who we are, letting those around us activate their gifts and their talents and be the best they can be at what they're good at and not getting in their way. Making sure that we're just doing the things authentically that we know that we're really good at.

It's not only about skills and talents. I think it's also about in here. It's more about who are we as far as our own values, the things that are important to us. There should be an expression of those things at work as a leader, regardless of whatever organization we're in, that even it's a brutally commercial environment, we should be true to who we are, true to our values, true to the things that are important to us and we should bring that into the workplace. Other people will see that and it'll help them be more authentic in their work and their role at work, and they'll be more effective because of that.

Be true to yourself. Be true to your strengths. Be true to your values.

And you know what?

Just relax a little. You can be in the midst of chaos of thousand things going on. If you're authentic and genuine, centered in who you are, then you can relax in the midst of that and enjoy the journey and be effective. But the alignment is who are you - understanding who you are.

Go on that journey! Discover who you are - who you really are. And be that authentic self.

Bring your authentic self to work and help others discover that around you too. We use the Clifton strength finder. Fantastic. Gives you a lot of idea of what you're really, really good at. I'm a Strategic Competitive means I'm terrible playing my children with monopoly. Take it away too seriously. Have to win. So I know that sometimes your strengths can be your weaknesses. But it's important to be yourself, be your best self, be true to your values. Enjoy your leadership. Enjoy and relax in confidence that who you're built to be will activate as you genuinely become the authentic person that you're created to be.

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