Let's talk about momentum. Momentum is very important in organisations. It’s what drives you through the small issues. Once you get up to speed, things really start to roll. You get a lot of things happening and momentum is a fantastic attribute to have in an organisation, particularly if you’re dealing with change. Once you get some momentum, you can kick it out of the park, can take a long time to get it going. And at this stage in the change management process - you’ve got your plan, you’ve removed your obstacles, you’ve got things on, it’s all about how can we get momentum.

Some of it is allocation of resources. Where do we need the resources to be able to do this twice as quickly? We found something here. This is fantastic. Let’s get some more people on that. How can we put some more resources in to get that going? Momentum is really around that.

Clarity. It’s only focused on the things that are important.

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