Growth Drivers: Scalability

In the last two videos we talked about Productivity and Clarity, two of our drivers of growth. Our third driver is Scalability; the ability to grow fast. You can have clarity of direction and a productive workplace, but if you are constrained in other ways, if you don't understand your pressure points, or resources are not allocated correctly, we will still fail to grow. This can be very frustrating, with growth restricted and constrained, and your organisation limited and impeded. But if you have Clarity and Productivity and you add in the pragmatic Scalability to the mix, hold on, you'll have the proverbial tiger by the tail. Leadership in this area is often forgotten but as Martin L Abbott quite rightly observed, “If you can’t lead, you can’t scale.”

Healthy things grow, it should come naturally; plants animals and companies. A small acorn can grow into a massive Oak tree. But if constrained by lack of light, space, nutrients or water, it won’t...

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Growth Drivers: Productivity

Today I wanted to continue our series on growth drivers. In the last video I spoke about the importance of Clarity. The other two are Productivity and Scalability.

Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize [winner] in economics, once wrote: "Productivity is not everything, but in the long run, it is almost everything”. There has been a lot of talk about productivity, perhaps the lack of it. Despite technological advances productivity growth is declining, almost static.

You know when you have productivity as things just get done. Momentum is a wonderful thing, productivity drives momentum. When you don't have productivity, your organisation is disorganised and ineffective. Lots of busy people, but not much progress ,is a sign of a lack of productivity. It may not always feel like that, but when you've experienced pure productivity, nothing else will suffice.

Productivity doesn't just magically materialise. It needs to be created. "Productivity is never an accident. It is always the...

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Growth Drivers: Clarity

If you want growth on scale, and who doesn't, then you only need three things. Clarity, Productivity and Scalability. The starting point for this transformation is Clarity.

Robin Sharma said that "Clarity precedes success." There's a lot of insight in that simple sentence. Without Clarity there is confusion and complication. Organisations that lack clarity have competing priorities; are focusing sometimes on good things, but not on the great things that really drive success. Without Clarity, there is an increase in complexity; people are confused with what they should focus on, priorities are clouded, and teams become inefficient and ineffective. Bobb Biehl said it best when he said:

"Without focusing and getting to Clarity you cannot lead. You cannot motivate. You cannot plan. You cannot communicate."

But when you get this right, just wow! There is something that changes in an organisation when it has absolute Clarity on what is important, on what to truly focus on. All the...

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