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Skilfully led Forums of up to 10 business owners or CEOs who want to grow their business, improve wealth, enhance life and leave a legacy.

Stragile® Forum draws on proven facilitation to share knowledge, create connection and encourage leaders in reaching their goals.



Two men facilitating their groups online

Online Group Facilitation.

Woman facilitating her team's monthly meeting

3 Hours Once a Month.

Business Leaders having a workshop

Meet with other business leaders.


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A Stragile® Leaders' Forum is expertly facilitated by Mark to promote sharing and learning with a focus on the goal of improving leadership skills and knowledge so that they see their businesses grow, wealth increase, enjoy life and leave a legacy.

Share experiences, goals, challenges and learning, while creating camaraderie and accountability. Experience this rare and empowering confidential environment.

Stragile® Leaders' Forum enables like-minded leaders to develop meaningful connections in a timely and efficient way.


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Joshua Sparks,
Founder and CEO 

"Unlike alternative approaches I have used in the past, Mark’s methodology not just acknowledges the need for strategic agility but empowers it, providing the best possible balance of proactive strategic planning with the realities of responding to a dynamic tactical environment. I can’t recommend Mark and his Stragile software solution highly enough."

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Rainbow Savvas,
 General Manager

"Mark is an impressively humble, wise and authentic leader and strategist with whom my senior leadership team and I thoroughly enjoy working. Through a curated leadership program and timeless delivery style; Mark taught us about strategic architecture, team building, and how great leaders inspire action."

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Mick Fabar,
 Managing Director
Green Homes Australia

"Green Homes Australia has been working with Stragile for the past 2 years and the benefits are clear and tangible. Our direction and commitment to goals has been measurable and our management team has achieved well in advance of our predictions and this is purely due to the ability to focus on the agreed united tasks that are easily understood and visualised by all involved."

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